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Hello my fellow readers. This is my blog, here I will write & share my Lenormand Oralce predictions, as I, myself who has been reading tarot 7 1/2 years, so I hope this goes well on me. I do readings for people who are intrested in getting a reading from me for a charge of $5, Since I know how the economic syste is eating us up. Any further questions about my inquiry’s please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for viewing my blog & commenting on my blog. Take care & god bless





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  1. Hi, just checking out the blog, hope to re-visit soon! 🙂

    – blackroseivy (a.k.a. Pernelle)

  2. Have have been working very closely with Brittany Murphy’s Fathers side trying to get answers of how a 32 year just drops dead from Pneumonia. There here has been plenty of speculation, as to Brittany’s demise and would appreciate any info you may have that may have or feel. In the mean time I thought that this video would enlighten many at the very least. Very informative!
    Would appreciate you making it viral from your end.

    Site Dysautonomia Information Network

    • Forgive me for my late response. I’ll see to it what went around Mrs. Murphy’s tragic demise. I too am heart broken after hearing about her passing.

      • As what I’m feeling that she had be ongoing with breathing problems prior to heart problems. I’m seeing she got news of this but decided to keep it to herself (to avoid media exposure). She already knew she was coming down with something. Though she disregarded the way she was feeling health-wise to try to finish projects she had already pending. There were no drugs or narcotics involved such as heroin or cocaine. There were lots of prescribed medication involved. She just took this medication and went on her way to do her daily routines. Stress contribute her heart to stop functioning.. Yet I see an illness is what provocted all of this. Now, I got to get a little bit of information before she died. I see that she was on her way to make a comeback in regards to her acting career. Thought there were a lot of rules and restrains she had to follow (which caused her some stress). I’m seeing here that she was given the right choices such as roles and media exposure to elevate her comeback. Had she lived to have all of this done her acting career would have taken of and she would of started something new. Once again I’m sorry for the late response. I hope my reading helps. =-)

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